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Previously my co-founder Andrew Boos followed up on the topic of difference of VCs and Angels. Continuo on the topic of start ups, this time lets cover online presence.

Your startup's online presence is relatively important to represent who you are, your cool product and how your customers can benefit from using it. In our startup Appfuel, it took us a good 2 months to get it straight. Resulting an increase of web traffic.

Spilling the beans:
1. Active social presence in
- Facebook page
- Twitter Profile
- AngelList

Your social presence represents what your startup is made out off. Using these social platforms to pump out messages, cool stories and keep you consumer of interest up to date.

There are great tools such as Buffer, if this then that to help you manage.

2. Landing Page
When someone first enters into your site, with average browser size of 1280px  * 720px on desktops and 320px *  480px on mobile. That is some relatively small space, but hey! That will determine if the user will continue reading on. You should spice up the landing page's image, and it will determine if the reader will continue reading on.

3. SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)
Another method to deliver organic traffic to your site are through searches. Make sure you have included meta tags of "description" and "keywords"; A short info in how you can help them; Submit your sitemap into the search engines.

4. Blog
Posting relavent information, tips, stories for the consumer drives relavent traffic and ultimately landing in as your customer.

There are tools such as hittail and google analytics to help you drill down to specific keywords that are driving traffic to your site.

As for ours we spiced up our blog a little bit just so the travellers can read the relavent posts, picture below.

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