Why & how to tell a cool story

Fri Jan 25, 2013

When pitching to an investor, you will always want your investor to come out to say "cool" after listening to the pitch. "Cool" is the validation for your idea or product, but you will want to hear that from an investor who is an expert in your field. They are the one who will be your potential to meet for follow up presentations / demos, and may become your future advisor or investor.

Here is a checklist of what your pitch needs:

- your pitch is elevator pitch ready (short and delivers the message within 60 seconds; ie the speed till they say cool)
- in your pitch dont include how it works
- your pitch should include 4 key points

  • incident / problem (include numbers & stats to back it up)
  • how your service / product solves it ( also identify if your solution is scalable & there is nitch and not a want)
  • your target audience
  • clarity and be emotional in how you solve it.

  • a good pitch example will be the one from Beerlab. Here is a link to the pitch video